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DragonFire Racing H-Style Harnesses

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DragonFire Racing H-style harnesses strap you in for a positive off-road experience. Off-road recreation is fun... until some one gets hurt. DragonFire H-style restraints provide safety and comfort during your roughest off-road adventures. They're designed to utilize both stock and modified seat configurations. DragonFire Racing offers several options to help keep you and your riders safe.

** Call or Text (303)390-0085 to check color availability ** 


* Extended sewn-in shoulder pads
* Integrated sternum clip keeps straps in place
* Fully adjustable to fit all size riders
* Easy adjustment pull-down tab
* 4-point harness (5th point option available separately)
* Shoulder and lap belts sewn together for easy in/out
* Available in a selection of colors, belt widths, and for youth riders for under 120 lbs.

Harness Type:Complete harness

Number of Mounting Points:4-point

Latch Style:Latch

Shoulder Belt Mounting Style:Bolt-in

Shoulder Belt Mounting Location:Roll bar

Lap Belt Mounting Style:Bolt-in

Belt Color:Black

Shoulder Harness Type:Individual shoulders

Shoulder Belt Width (in):3.000 in.

Lap Belt Width (in):3.000 in.

Belt Adjustment:Pull down

Mounting Style:Wraparound

Mounting Location:Roll bar

Belts Included:Lap and shoulder belts

Belt Material:Nylon

Quantity:Sold individually.