Polaris PRO HD Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery 4500 lb.

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      Polaris winches are designed and engineered specifically for your Polaris Off-Road Vehicle. They are fully sealed to keep out water, dust and other debris. Polaris winches are tested to ensure the heavy duty, quality components are strong enough to work when you need it the most.

    The winch just got a whole lot faster thanks to Rapid Rope Recovery - technology that allows you to retrieve excess cable 5-times faster. The winch dial features three settings: FREE SPOOL to attach the winch hook, PULL for winch mode, and RAPID ROPE RECOVERY for faster re-spooling. Auto Stop Technology stops the winch automatically when the collar touches the fairlead saving time and preventing over-spooling. Now you’ll be back on the trail or to the task at hand faster than ever.
  • Sealed motor and heavy duty gears operate fully submerged underwater.
  • Military tested and approved.
  • Fully integrated mount and wiring.
  • 50-ft. synthetic rope provides strong, tangle-free pulling.
  • Fully sealed design with durable corrosion resistant finish.
  • Tested 1,200+ pulls at max load, it works when you need it to.
  • Built to withstand -20-degree F temperatures.
  • Wireless remote control with a 50' range and a unique code for no interference operation.
  • Auto Stop Technology stops the winch at completion.
  • Mounts in designated, integrated location.
  • Includes:
    -Winch Mount
    -Wireless Remote
    -Auto Stop Technology Fairlead
    -Fully Sealed High Current Contactor
    -Power Cables